Join David the Pearl Professor and his marine friends as he takes you on a PEARL journey where you have to complete 3 tasks.  Along the way, learn about the marvels of Mother Nature and get to have fun with us!



Date: 20 December 2022
Time: 3pm - 4pm
Language: English
This tour is conducted via ZOOM



◆ Interact with our local tour guide during the live tour!  

  1. What is our goal in teaching pearls?
    Use a practical case to demonstrate how real sustainable development can be done
    Inspire them to become the steward of our planet
  2. What is our motive?
    Pearls are commonly known as natural gems adored by the world since the history of humankind, but very little people know that the growing process of the pearls reflect the present conditions of the marine ecosystem while sustaining local people of their livelihoods.  We use pearls as the gateway to show how people can collaborate with the nature to fulfill the three pillars of sustainable development – economic viability, environmental conservation, and community development.  
  3. What will the kids and teachers get from this?
    On the surface, the audience will see pearls more than just a natural gem on a luxurious jewelry, but stories of different seas and people are involved in the production but hidden from the public.  We reveal these stories and inspire the audience the new possibilities of utilizing the natural resources for human sustenance while conserving the environment.  We are never the top of the ecosystem, we are part of the ecosystem.

◆ Get an exclusive door prize from David prepared for this tour!
 >>> 3 people who answer the question correctly will get a simple DIY pearl accessory kit from us <<<


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Organized By

Hong Kong Pearl Cultivation Association
Royal Wings Travel

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