Date: 20 February 2022
Time: 7 PM
Conducted in English



◆ Interact with our local travel guide during the live tour!  

◆ Here is a bit about our virtual tour to the Ancient Egyptian site “Saqqara”, which is the oldest cemetery in Egypt, & the great complex of King Zoser with his Step Pyramid some 4600 years ago! Saqqara is one of the most exciting historical & archaeological sites in Egypt, dominated by the famous Step Pyramid of King Zoser. In our Virtual tour, we’ll get to tour the site & get close to the pyramid of king Zoser & the rest of his complex, as we’ll get to see the “HB Sed court”, which still exists where kings had a great festival there as they were crowned. We’ll get to go deep in the Sahara desert & walk by other pyramids & tombs

◆ Get your very own e-Travel Guide and other local souvenirs specially prepared for this tour!


Passenger Guide

You will receive in your email your boarding pass in the form of an e-ticket 7 day (s) before the start of the tour
The e-ticket contains info for you to get on board the Zoom flight!
You will also receive an image. Use it for your virtual background during the tour!
Tickets are non-cancellable


Purchase Notice

The minimum number of total participants required for the tour to proceed is 10.
This refers to a total number of sign-ups, not individual sign-ups.
Tours may be rescheduled if the number of participants fails to reach the minimum number.
In case of rescheduling, we will contact you at least 7 days before the tour date. (Refundable)


Important Booking Information

Tour itinerary is subject to change
If you do not get any confirmation or follow-up email from us, kindly check your spam folder. Contact us if an email is not found.
Royal Wings takes no responsibility for personal misconceptions such as misunderstanding timeslots, disconnections from ZOOM or Wi-Fi etc.
This virtual tour is an online experience. A device that can support ZOOM is required. While optional, a webcam and microphone will help with interactions during the tour.
This tour will be recorded for marketing purposes.
No personal information will be obtained during the course of the virtual tour.
Royal Wings and tour partners reserve the right to ignore questions asked during the virtual which might be deemed inappropriate.

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